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VALERIA PARIS is a mixture of generous,
and spiritual inspiration

Valerie Cossoul

Founder and Creator of VALERIA PARIS

In life, everything is a story of deep desires and passions. You must never ignore your dreams and above all never let them go, dreams are so precious! No matter how long it takes the notion of time is of no importance what matters is our personal realization it is the construction of our own history of which we are the only masters.

Self-taught in the world of fashion a few years ago I had the desire to create for my personal fulfillment today I wish to share my creative universe.

VALERIA PARIS leaves the patterns imposed by the dictates of fashion neither seasons nor colours are imposed, only imagination is the key. The inspiration is unique, it has its own soul.

I let my spirit travel with the passage of time. I am passionate about life and I want my creations to be free as I am and as much as you are. I want my creations to look like you. I want you to be able to reveal yourself through them and be a reflection of yourself.

Cecile Betbeze

Designer-Modelist Specialized in Luxury New Couture

Graduated from ESMOD school as a designer-model maker with an option in Luxury New Couture, I am today a young freelance designer-model maker for the brand VALERIA PARIS. During various experiences, I have been able to explore my creativity and fully assert myself by being invested, sensitive and stubborn. I have a strong artistic sensibility. When I create models I have the desire to bring art and fashion together.

Emma Ribeiro

Specialized Haute Couture Designer-Modelist

Stylist and model maker graduated from the ESMOD school, I love working in haute couture. With great patience and attention to detail and finishing touches, my ambition is that the garment fits my clients' silhouettes perfectly. I am an embroidery enthusiast. I master the technique of moulding, tracing and finishing touches corresponding to the requirements of luxury. I have a lot of pleasure working on the jewellery side for the VALERIA PARIS brand.